Literacy is a problem worldwide and Rockland is no exception. In formal estimates of literacy among Haitians are as high as 75 to 80 percent. Therefore we have classes to teach young adults how to read and write in English. Literacy provides opportunities in both academic and employment situations.

In our society today there are numerous individuals that may be on a rapid decline. Many individuals are rapid to blame television that corrupts the mind of the youth. Well for others they insist that there education system is not demanding enough literacy, such as reading programs, are even back to the basic reading, writing and arithmetic.

Basic Computer

The center has introduced basic computer skills, word processing and data entries to families that do not have local access to local computers in the area. Technology has improved life in general, that is why it is very important to have knowledge about computers.


We as Haitians have to help encourage our youth and parents. Offering computer literacy could help the youth and parents succeed. Computers are very important and we cannot stress how important that is.