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Servicing the immigrant population of Rockland County.


English classes, Youth after school program, CNA State exam

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Servicing The Population of Rockland County

Konbit Nèg Lakay Inc. (KNL) is a well respected, Haitian non-profit community organization established in Rockland


Haitian has moved to America to improve their lives. Many parents do not have the amount of time to help their children with their schoolwork. Most parents work 24/7 to provide for their family. By the time parents gets home from work they are too tired to discuss their schoolwork so they youth are left with arduous work to complete.

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The center has introduced basic computer skills, word processing and data entries to families that do not have local access to local computers in the area. Technology has improved life in general, that is why it is very important to have knowledge about computers.

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Literacy is a problem worldwide and Rockland is no exception. In formal estimates of literacy among Haitians are as high as 75 to 80 percent. Therefore we have classes to teach young adults how to read and write in English. Literacy provides opportunities in both academic and employment situations.

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The center has to expand on its work within school districts; churches and agencies in the county identify people in need of literacy and services. The center helps the community to define as a group of people who not only just live in the same area but do also share the same interest and many experiences and concerns within the area.

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As a fast growing non-English speaking immigrant group, it is critical to expand center programs and classroom space to provide services in the neighborhood. Many individuals in the community today, who are ready to speak, hear, read, and write English are basically prepared to learn.

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The summer reading program is more than a motivational retreat it helps the youth in many ways such as, getting better grades, living up to there full potential, being happier, become more self-motivated, built self-esteem, score higher on test, reduce there study time, and to get along with family members, teachers and friends.

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